In memory of Glenn Emge | 1960 – 2014


I just found out about Glenn’s passing. Like so many of us, I signed up for a bunch of social media services most of which I don’t use but many that have birthday reminders. I always remembered from our days in Hudson Massachusetts that Glenn had a June birthday. He would always have a big extended family gathering in his backyard, cookout, and us neighborhood kids. When I received the birthday reminder, I sent him a brief note wishing him a happy birthday planning to call him as well. I am still in shock to have learned of his passing many years before he should have left us. Life is too short and we don’t take enough time to keep in touch with those we love.

Glenn and I grew up in Hudson in the same neighborhood about 3 houses away from each other. I probably knew him before kindergarten but that’s where our relationship started. I remember that he had trouble learning his telephone number which I helped them with and he taught me how to tie my shoes. I can still remember that sunny day on his front steps as he patiently taught me the mysteries of shoe tying. We went on to take a taxi to kindergarten each day while beginning our childhood activity of exploring the woods around us. I can still remember Friday afternoons when our taxi driver would take us for ice cream and the kindergarten class at Tiny Tot Day School with Mrs. Dragon would have as a treat, orange juice and popcorn.

From those early days Glenn was an outdoorsman. We explored the woods down a dirt road, Shay Road. We fished the perch down in the stream on the right side valley by the road, sledded the pipeline midway down Shay Road, climbed the cliffs off to the left which to us seemed like mountains. There were wild berries we would gather in early summer, blackberries, blueberries, black raspberries. As we grew older we discovered some dump sites where we dug for old bottles and anything else that we thought would have value. We found old stained-glass windows and the lead that came from them. We spent hours digging around imagining the fortunes we’d make selling our treasures.

When we had bikes, some of them reconstructed choppers from the dump, we would race around a cement pool that was built on Shay Road beside a cottage that was burnt down. The pool was large and peanut shaped allowing us to go up and down its sides to pass each other. Of course there were some accidents and scrapes but we carried on. I always remember Glenn telling me why he wore a belt as we explored the woods and raced around the pool. He said, if anyone gets hurt, I can use his belt as a tourniquet. Glenn was always striving to be that Daniel Boone of Hudson Massachusetts.

I remember also that we were both trying to get paying jobs as kids but no one wanted to hire us. We were just too young. At that time, people could get paid for pumping gas but again we were too young. Hudson is also surrounded by apple orchards but the farmers thought we were too young to pick apples. Our big break came at a Honeypot Hill Orchards in Stow where we were given a job picking drops. Glenn and I worked like mad men picking drops in the often wet grass under the trees. The other kids would go under the trees and hideout so they wouldn’t have to work but for Glenn and me it was a competition. We ran as fast as we could filling baskets and getting noticed by the farmer. We were then promoted to work the pick your own events where we would help people put ladders up and watch that the people didn’t hurt themselves. We ate so many apples. I hadn’t mentioned before that Glenn was thin as a rail. I don’t know where he put all those apples.

There were other jobs delivering Sunday newspapers. It seemed after a couple of the neighbor boys picked up routes, we would fill in for them and before you know it everyone in the neighborhood had a Sunday flyer route. We seem to always be looking to earn a little money to go spend at Al’s Market which was a little store off of a house that had lots of penny candy and a few staples. Once we had a little money, we would all ride our bikes there and drive Al nuts with our penny candy orders.

At some point we were old enough to think about hunting. I wasn’t planning on being a hunter but Glenn, old Daniel Boone, and probably through the influences of his brother Mike who liked to hunt and fish, Glenn convinced me to take a hunter safety course with him so that we could get our federal identification cards early. I remember starting the course with him but at some point he bailed out and I wound up with my card. He eventually did get his card and we did do some hunting down Shay Road and other locations in the area. Thankfully I was a bad shot and don’t remember killing more than a squirrel or 2.

I do remember though that Glenn convinced me to go on a deer hunting trip to Orange Massachusetts. His brother Mike had a truck and would take us out and the 3 of us would hunt. I truly had no great interest in deer hunting but Glenn had a way of persuading people. He made it seem like it would be the greatest time in the world. I agreed to go but I should let you know that the Massachusetts deer hunting season is the 1st week in December. We drove out at night and had to set up a tent in the dark using Mike’s truck lights to see what we were doing. It was snowing when we put the tent up. Glenn and Mike of course, the hunters and outdoorsman that they are, had Arctic sleeping bags and cots to sleep on. I brought a sleeping bag with a broken zipper and wound up sleeping with my clothes and boots on in the sleeping bag on the ground. I don’t know if I slept that night but I do know that all of us were dying to have someone start a fire. Once the fire was started, we all hovered around it for hours. We then all spread out that day to hunt with me almost getting shot which is another story but we came up with nothing except being cold. It seems that Mike would use his truck to warm up in but Glenn and I didn’t really have access to it or maybe once. Our 2nd day out we noticed a cabin with a smoking chimney. Glenn and I hovered around the area hoping to see someone and get invited in. Eventually that did happen and I never left. Glenn on the other hand warmed up and decided to go out hunting some more. Again no one succeeded in getting a deer, thankfully if I’m concerned, and we headed back in the nice warm truck.

During the summer, we spent plenty of time swimming in a lake not far from us but as we all began to get our licenses we drove off to the Milford quarries. The quarries seemed like a paradise to Glenn and me. We would hike out into the woods and all of a sudden these big open quarries would appear that we could swim in. We would either drive a car I had access to or one that Glenn had, actually the many that Glenn had. We called Glenn’s cars Sid Supremes. Glenn’s brother’s nickname was Sid and besides being an outdoorsman he could also fix cars. A Sid Supreme was usually a $100 car that brother Mike had fixed up and hopefully lasted through a summer. For a while I can recall Glenn driving an old station wagon to another favorite swimming spot in Southborough, the reservoir there, that had a fire hose swing. As with the quarry, we weren’t supposed to swim there but we did anyways. I didn’t mention earlier that Glenn was also very athletic and could do what seemed to be hundreds of chin ups and I think even one arm chin ups. He had no trouble swinging like a monkey on the fire hose and diving into the reservoir.

As time went on, I went off to college and had my spinal cord injury after that. Glenn was finishing high school and then doing things with his life. It seemed we would reconnect here and there along our paths but not for long enough. When I later moved to Boston, he made it out a couple of times to visit. It always seemed like we just picked up where we left off. Glenn was always an open and straightforward guy. He had no trouble socializing with people and giving his opinion. In his younger days when I knew him he also wouldn’t back away from a fight even when the guy he was fighting was twice his size. He wouldn’t be looking for a fight but he didn’t back down when there was an injustice being done to him or friend. That’s the kind of guy he was and how I will always remember my good friend Glenn.

-Jim Wice
06/29/2014 - 08:33

Dear Glenn, I didn't know you but I know of you through speaking with Daniel. You must be an awesome dad/husband since Daniel has always spoken so highly of you. Daniel is a pretty awesome guy himself so it must run in the family!

06/02/2014 - 17:00


I'm was deeply saddened when I heard the news of your passing. You were truly one of the most generous and kindest persons I have ever met in my life. You will be missed.

Blue cheese burgers. Easily the best homemade burgers I have ever had. I will never forget them.

Also, I am happy to have spent some time with you on our motorcycles on the back roads. Those rides were super chill.

Thanks for the fun times.


-Conrad Tobias
05/31/2014 - 10:10

I met Glenn through the late Andy Lee and our informal motorcycling group. Glenn joined us occasionally on our rides and always enjoyed his chance to get out with us. Glenn was a good guy and always had a smile to greet you and was an all-round happy guy. Last year, he rode with us on a weekend trip by motorcycle to Lake Tahoe and he was planning to join us next month for a week long ride to some of California’s national parks like Lassen and Yosemite. We were planning to pick him up on our way north in June but this year, there will be another missing man in our formation. Glenn will be missed but remembered.

-Byron Hom
05/31/2014 - 01:12

Glenn was one of the kindest, thoughtful people anyone could ever hope to know and be around. He was always so helpful and his wonderful sense of humor kept us all entertained. I always think back on the many, many camping trips we all went on (like here : Landes campsites). You were always helping us with our tents, with the cooking, and sitting around the campfire you shared so many stories.

I will truly miss you. I only hope that you have found Andy in heaven and that now the two of you are hanging out together again. I am forever in debt to you and JJ for introducing me to the love of my life, Andy. I will forever treasure the memories of all the good times we all shared.

We love you Glenn, and look forward to meeting again in heaven. This was a picture of Glenn and me at my 60th birthday party.


-Sue Williams
05/30/2014 - 16:01

EVERYONE loves Glenn. He truly was one of a kind special guy. We echo the sentiments of everyone here, so eloquently written for a great friend, loving husband & caring Dad. He will be greatly missed and our hearts go out to JJ and family. Glenn is at peace and may his everlasting love surround and comfort his loved ones and dear friends. XOXO

-Diane, Alex and Joshua Kononoff
05/30/2014 - 15:20

I’ve been introduced to Glenn by Juliette. I remember that I thought “They are such a God blessed couple!” This impression was immediate and very firm because it was so obvious what a great match they were for each other.

Every time I saw Glenn, his smile was always like a ray of sun. His eyes were sparkling childishly. And his entire image was immediately inviting to enjoy the live and the time spent together.

I had a feeling that some positive energy is emanated by Glenn. It was like getting very nice touch of sun at the gloomy cold morning.

That's why in my memory Glenn is always to stay as Sunny Man.

I'll miss his kindness, his humor, his optimistic mindset.

Thank you, Glenn, for bringing up in our lives this invaluable delight of joy and grace!

-Elena Dolgopiatova.
05/30/2014 - 15:11

It just may be a sad truth that the act of divine intervention handpicks the good ones. Glenn Emge is one of the good ones. He may not top the list of those who could leap tall buildings in a single bound but he sure is up there. He was a kind-hearted being with a very calm demeanor, mild-mannered if you will; often quiet, his actions spoke louder than words, usually to help others in need. He was a down-to-earth guy who enjoyed nature especially in the company of family and friends. Juliette (JJ) once joked that Glenn was truly a ‘fish’ referring to his love of water and the amount of time he wanted to spend in it. Gifted with creative talent, Glenn was happy simply talking about a new construction project or some other creative product he had decided to take on.

Hanging around JJ and Glenn, one could see that they found an ideal partner in each other. Glenn’s family-oriented character provided the basis for the love and care he showered on Daniel and Ryan… which they returned in kind. No doubt it will be a challenge to move on, but I pray that the memories Glenn made with his family and the legacy he left behind will carry them through this difficult time.

What does one say to those whose loved one is suddenly plucked from their world of existence; a loved one whose physical presence can no longer be seen, felt, heard, or interacted with in the basic sense? I know of nothing to ease the pain of such an encounter, except perhaps to assure them that their loved one’s mortal existence, however short it may have been, has positively touched the life of others. In Glenn’s case, everyone already knows…

Glenn, you will be sorely missed… wherever you are we hope you continue to shoot the breeze with Andy.

May you both rest peacefully, dear friends…

-Cindy, in behalf of the Rivas family...
05/30/2014 - 11:28

Dear Glenn,

We have been fortunate to have known you even for only a short while. You have the aura that attracts people. You are gentle, friendly, always sporting your very welcoming smile.

I am glad that you ang JJ could come to my birthday get together two years ago. It was the last time we had a chance to mingle. You and JJ amongst our other friends were there and even helped entertain and served food to our family and other guests.

We will certainly miss you. We pray that you are in heaven with our Creator.


-Bessie and Danny Sim
05/30/2014 - 09:34

Dear Uncle Glenn,

I've been thinking for some time what I would write to you on here...thinking of the perfect words...trying to sum up my feeling, memories and thoughts into one perfect paragraph...

I am at a loss. You were truely one of the great men in my life. I am so thankful for my time with you. Your kindness, love, humor, and compassion for everyone and everything. You and Juliette have been so amazing to my children and I. You've been there at the start of both of their lives and do many birthdays were celebrated by your pool. You worked tirelessly to make sure everyone was having fun. You were an amazing parent to Ryan and Daniel, who love you so very much in return. Your love for Juliette was obvious from the moment I met her and tears of joy steamed my face as I saw you become man and wife.

I know God has a purpose for us all, and He has a reason for calling you home so early. Please watch over us all until we can be with you. Until then kiss Grampa for me and tell him I miss him too. You are and forever will be so loved my Uncle Glenn.

-Michelle & Joseph Dumm
05/26/2014 - 16:56

I was privileged to have Glenn join my team at FFIC beginning in January 2014, after interacting with him over the past few years on other projects. He was so excited at the opportunity to move into project management, and his boyish enthusiasm infected the entire team.

I am so grateful to have known Glenn, and miss his boundless energy and smiling face. My heartfelt prayers go out to Glenn's family and friends; may we all find comfort in the memory of happy times spent in his remarkable presence.

God bless Glenn Emge.

-Nancy Herrick
05/23/2014 - 17:03

Dearest Glenn,

I am sorry that you had to go so young. Your family and friends are missing you deeply right now, and I know you wish you could be here to see them through this time. Take heart; your beautiful wife, sweet children, family and friends will find strength not only in each other, but in their memories of you.

Here are my memories of you...just conjuring them makes me smile.

Sitting on the fireplace in Mike's home in Salinas, telling stories of challenges you've faced over the years. You were one tough cookie.....and yet, those trials never dampened your spirit. Always the first to offer a smile, a joke, a wholehearted laugh. Being around you was such joy. I always looked forward to visiting home for the holidays, knowing I'd get to be in a room filled with laughter and love as you recounted memories with your siblings and interacted with everyone in the most genuine way. You brought fun wherever you went, and we would be wise to follow in your footsteps and do the same. I know that if I work on being more open, trusting, and loving, as you were (and remain so in spirit), I will find the world to be a more friendly place, and hopefully help others feel that love and serenity, too.

Your life brought delight to all who met you, and your passing serves as a lesson on how those of us still on earth should live: with love, honesty, generosity, and genuine care for others.

Thank you for touching my life and teaching me that the most important part of being human is being kind and loving.



-Sara Goetze
05/22/2014 - 14:59

We miss our story man and magic man. Thank you for the Magic Mr. G. You are loved and missed.


-Kathi Tibbetts
05/22/2014 - 12:24

Glenn Emge

-Mike and Mimi Emge
05/21/2014 - 09:45

Glenn, we all miss you. We miss your smile, your thoughtfulness, your kind nature. You brought laughter and happiness to those in your presence. Mike and I loved being with you. Eva, Sara, and Bobby loved you.

LORD, we pray for Glenn's soul, and that you bring him into Your light.

Glenn, may you soar with the Angels.

Mike and I will, forever, miss you.

Mike and Mimi

-Your brother and sister-in-law, Mike and Mimi
05/21/2014 - 09:31

This is the hardest time in my life-losing my baby brother. It is hard to put into words how he impacted all our lives. He brought love, laughter, compassion, understanding and his uncanny desire to always lift a helping hand to anyone. He asked for nothing in return. Just to be loved. He was easy to love right from the time he came home from the hospital in June 1960.

He loved the whole family and was so good with Daniel and Ryan who grew up to be strong, kind and loving young men. Glenn was proud of you boys. Juliette - he loved you so. You had a wonderful life together.

My heart will never be the same. It was always Kathy, Mike and Glenn. This was not supposed to happen. You were the baby of the family. I have to believe that God has a special purpose for you in heaven and that is why he took you from us so early. I am sure you are telling your corny jokes up there and everyone is laughing and loving you as we all did with our time with you here on earth

Glenn, we mourn for ourselves because we cannot have you here with us for now. Someday we will all be together again in God's heavenly arms. I love you to the ends of the earth.

Until that day I will keep my ear out for jokes you would enjoy and we will laugh again on the other side. I love and miss you so much. Until we meet again - May God bless you and keep you my precious little brother! Now don't go thinking I will be changing your diapers up there.

Your always and forever loving sister, Kathy

-Kathy Emge Vargas
05/18/2014 - 10:13

It was a pleasure having you in our extended family. I wish that God had not decided that he needed you as we sure could have used 50 years more of you on this earth rather than in heaven.

Love you forever,

Aunt Dot and Uncle Stan

PS. We have a great-grandson who seems to be following in your footsteps with your sweet loving personality- we think it is inherited in the EMGE line.

-Stanley and Dorothy Kasper
05/16/2014 - 19:42

Our Dear Glenn,

Thank you for all the years of love and being the best husband to my dear sister Juliette.

We are so grateful for all the memories and you being "our family".

Daniel and Ryan we're so blessed to have you as their second father.

You showed them friendship, love, direction, and most importantly unconditional love.

You always had our utmost respect and devotion as the best brother-in-law and Uncle anyone could hope for.

Your legacy of grace, generosity and mischievousness will be our compass in days to come.

You were both an explorer and a loyal friend making new, lasting friendships wherever you went.

We will miss you more than I can put words to.

Until we all meet again soar with the angels, be our brightest star in the sky, and know you will never be forgotten.

Our love for eternity to you our sweet Glenn.

Love, Mary Ann, Chris, Sydney and Jake

-Mary Ann, Glenn's sister-in-law
05/13/2014 - 11:54

Glenn was such an easy going, gentle, caring person. He truly cared for his co-workers and always wanted everyone to be happy. He had a quiet demeanor about him and was very funny. I found this old work note that shows Glenn's true humor.

A fellow co-worker had sent the "team" the following email about a "complaint free world"....

" I was watch'n Oprah last night.. and part of the show was about "a complaint free world". Anyway, it is all about not complaining, gossiping or criticizing for 21 days.... a tall order that is for sure.... anyway.... this morning, I thought.. hey, maybe we could do it as a group! It might be easier if we are work'n together... what do you think? Anyone interested in doing this with me.. let me know.... and if you don't want to... no biggie.... "

Glenn replied as follows.....

" I can't believe you want me to do this.... I am all ways picked on ...... I do too much all ready...... customers keep calling me.... phew, ok I am all done complaining ; count me in."

Great person. Great Man. Great Husband. Great Father. I will miss you Glenn.

-Denis Ljung
05/13/2014 - 11:22

Glenn was one of the nicest people we've had the pleasure of knowing. We will always remember the dinners we had at Mauna Loa BBQ and at our homes. We have special memories of Glenn from our trips to Napili Bay, Maui. The barbecue Glenn and JJ threw for 14 people at the Mauian Hotel was an unexpected and tasty surprise. Glenn was a thoughtful, nonjudgemental and supportive friend. His passing will leave a void in our lives. We loved him dearly.

-Kimo & Jim
05/12/2014 - 15:26

I moved to California relatively recently and had only started to get to know Glenn but was very impressed with him as a person.

We both shared a love of motorcycles and had gotten out for some lunch rides.

As I got to know Glenn better I found him to be an exceptionally thoughtful person.

In a world where people often put themselves first, Glenn seemed to be one of those rare people who cared so much for others.

One of the things we did talk about was his love for his family and how important they were to him.

My own children were just a list little younger than his but I could still fully appreciate the experiences he was having with his family, and how much that meant to him.

I feel fortunate also that I got to meet his son. His son, myself and my daughter have a great interest in rock climbing and it was wonderfull to see Glenn and his son togehter at the local rock gym with us just recently.

Seeing Glenn and his son still taking the time and wanting to be with each other as they get older is a testament to the great and strong relationship they had.

Knowing that Glenn developed that kind of relationship in his life only impressed me all the more.

We will miss you Glenn on Friday lunch motorcycle rides, but I'm still glad I got to know you even if it was all too short.

John Georgevits

-John Georgevits
05/12/2014 - 13:01

You are my godfather, my friend, my family. You have made a great affect on my life. I will miss you and all the beloved memories we made:playing in the pool, the jokes, sleepovers, and every singling memory I have shared with you. You have not only made a major impact on my life but every single person you have met. May you live in peace where ever you may be in the world. I hope you are watching over me and proud of what I have become. I have will always cherish, and miss you. I love you Glenn and you will always have a place in my heart.

-Shawna Huynh
05/11/2014 - 20:04

I can only echo the sentiments stated. I certainly remember the "going-away party" Sarah referenced. A strange theme but a great time.

Glenn always took a personal interest in the members of our FFIC/CGI/IBM/AZFF extended families.

This photo is from a Disaster Recovery Exercise in 2003/4 when we set up a recovery trailer in the parking lot at San Marin.

My condolences to his family.

-Fred Dupuis
05/10/2014 - 09:46

We met JJ and Glenn on Maui, through their friends, Kimo Nakamura & Jim Stapleton. We enjoyed the fun times, parties and jokes we all shared and are so happy we were able to meet them and share those times for a few years. Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers to JJ, all Glenn's family, friends and hope that the memories of him will sustain you until you are all together again. He was a very sweet and funny man and I am sharing a photo I took of JJ and Glenn the day they left Maui last year. Rest in peace Glenn and look over your family until you meet again. Love and Aloha, JoAnn Vinciquerra, Peoria,AZ and Marion Toothman, Chardon Ohio

-JoAnn Vinciquerra & Marion Toothman
05/09/2014 - 21:17

Glenn was one of the most amazing guys I have ever met. Always so happy and ready with a story to tell. I learned so much from him. He was so dedicated to working out and trying to live a healthy lifestyle, but would always make room for Fish and Chips or a sticky bun. I worked closely with Glenn for a year and was amazed at how he seemed to know everyone in the building and could make friends with every client he spoke with on the phone. Every day he talked about how much he loved his beautiful wife and how proud he was of his kids. I've never met a man that seemed so devoted to his family. It was a true pleasure to know Glenn and I miss him every day.

-Matt Appleby
05/09/2014 - 17:19

Juliette, Daniel and Ryan,

Glenn was an amazing spirit – always positive and happy and he made everyone around him feel good no matter how your day was going. He really had a gift and I hope your memories of Glenn help to sustain you at this most difficult time.

Janice King

-Janice King
05/09/2014 - 16:30

There are many kind words that come to mind when I think of Glenn at work - smiling, helpful, sweet disposition. He provided a going-away party for all who could come, either staying or leaving, in one of our outsourcing transitions. It was a joyous day in spite of the work transition, and for that I was and am still grateful to Glenn and his generosity.

My condolences to all his family and my thoughts are with you all.

-Sarah McGrath
05/09/2014 - 13:48
05/07/2014 - 21:35

Dear Glenn,

I hope you approve of this website. This is the first time building a site for you, unfortunately it had to be under these circumstances. Thank you for being there for Mom, Ryan and I. I hope you knew that we loved you greatly and we'll miss you everyday. Until we meet again.

05/07/2014 - 21:14